Element to the DRAGON’S TAIL is simple but requires good coordination and the ability to keep a balance.


The dragon’s tail appeared not so long ago, in 2014, but quickly gained great popularity. Invented the trick Charlee Chase Wagner, American athlete.


Perform vis on the far leg, rearrange the near arm so that it is directed down along the pylon, ring down. Pushing off with the near hand and bending at the waist, put the far hand behind the back, putting it on the pylon ring up. Move the near leg to yourself in a fold, firmly pressing her pylon. Try to remove the far leg from the pylon and bend back even more. The closer the toe of the far leg to the head (in the ring), the more beautiful the trick looks.

Note: there Maybe variations of the “dragon’s tail,” when both legs are bent at the knee (as in the photo), both legs are straightened in the twine (Dragon Split) and when the hand is placed under the back of the ring down.

Important: it is better to Train the element under the supervision of a coach. Warm-up your back, shoulders and legs well before performing.


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