Chinese Flying pole – beautiful, dangerous, but really possible!


The Chinese Pole – special equipment for performing in circus and dance performances.

Initially, the Chinese pillar or mast was used only in circus performances. Thanks to the rubberized surface, acrobats perform the most incredible stunts. Now in dance directions and is a very spectacular form of circus art.

Nowadays, the mast is not only a circus shell but also a whole area of ​​sports and dance art, called pole acrobatics or pole sport, which requires strength, flexibility and stretching. Now in the world more and more various competitions and festivals are held both in circus directions and in dance and sports, the mast is becoming more popular every day, new numbers and tricks are being invented that fall into world-famous television and circus shows such as Cirque du Soleil, circus Madame Zingara and many others.

General characteristics

Chinese Pole is a pylon with a rubber coating, which is applied using special technology and carefully sanded. Due to this, the design has a high coefficient of friction. The anti-slip coating is applied to the entire surface of the structure and is subject to heat-treatment, so that it does not slip to the base, even in long-term use.

Depending on the installation method, the Chinese pylons can be stationary, suspended, designed for cable systems of fastening, with a podium. A pylon with a height of up to 3 meters is made with an integral structure, and with a longer length, collapsible elements are used.

Flying Pole.

The suspended or Flying Pole is a unique sport and a form of air art. It is unique in that it combines pylon fitness with flying skills to create innovative and exciting performance techniques.

Artists using flying sticks include many incredible jumps, tricks and jumps with slides, upgrades, and dances, while they are suspended on a freely hanging vertical pole of a dance that hangs from the ceiling! A flying pole is a dangerous but exciting sight to watch or take part in. It brings new vitality and innovation to fitness and air art.

The Flying Pole is the really initial tool to completely link the aerial and pole fitness worlds. It is a driver for modification. It is the uniter. All kidding apart, a flying pole is both an expert dancing pole, along with a real piece of the aerial device.

It hangs from the ceiling, either making use of existing airborne mounts/truss or an A-Frame that’s made for aerial usage. The performer after that “flies” around on the post while carrying out tricks. Sounds fun?!

You’re most likely wondering exactly how specifically this is physically possible! Well, I promise you that it is without a doubt feasible! Below is a video which shows a flying pole performer:

Very comparable to this type of flying pole is one more type of acrobatic/aerial tools which does the same thing, but pivots as well as swings around from the floor instead of the ceiling!

The next video shows exactly how this various other kinds of flying pole jobs throughout an efficiency:

The flying pole has actually come to be popular thanks to entertainers such as Lisette Krol and Pantera Blacksmith that shared videos of this special piece of equipment being beautifully made use of onto social media sites. What adhered to was a post as well as airborne physical fitness lovers going wild over this most current aerial pattern.

The 27-year-old dancer from Stavropol was the first in the world to dance on a pole fixed to a basket of a balloon. The video of the issue was published on Instagram by the performer of an exciting stunt Oleg Kovalh. The clip was shot in the sky above his native city, at an altitude of one and a half kilometers. According to the dancer, he did not use insurance.

“Dancing on a flying pole in the air arose a year ago after I took part in the show of a popular singer. Then my mother said: “Well done, son! Only heaven is higher. ” These words stuck firmly in my head, ”quoted Oleg Kovalh.

Initially, the pole was planned to be hung from a helicopter, but Oleg immediately dismissed this idea, since the aerostat “is calm and peaceful.”

Just how it Works
In order to use a flying pole, you require aerial rigging prior to starting. Traveling poles function by hanging from truss or safe airborne mounts. You can likewise use an airborne ‘A-Frame’ with carabiner ports so you can fly openly on your pole!

If you’re intending to install a flying pole in your home or in your studio, you do require to have a lot of height readily available in order to make the blog post of your pole. 10ft ceiling elevation minimum is advised, but more is constantly much better to allow you to have longer poles with ore functional room.

Requirement aerial and also pole safety policies use when making use of flying poles similar to any other kind of dancing pole or airborne equipment. Using this equipment without adequate training can be fatal and incredibly hazardous. You require to be shown the appropriate strategy prior to using these tools to maintain on your own secure.

You should additionally think about utilizing accident floor coverings and a spotter when attempting new tricks on the flying pole.

Features of the Chinese pole

  • The Chinese Pole rubberized coating, which is not characteristic of traditional poles, in a certain way affects the ability to perform various dance-acrobatic stunts. On the one hand, the anti-slip surface facilitates the performance of power elements, reducing the risk of sharp breaks and falls, and on the other hand, dynamic twists with it will be impossible or a special dynamic projectile will be required.
  • The rubber coating successfully solves the problem of sweating palms, thanks to it you can practice tricks in closed clothes. Dancing on a pole with open parts of the body is to some extent dangerous since injury can be caused during increased friction. Experts recommend picking up clothes from non-stretch materials, things should close to maximum body parts in contact with the pylon.
  • The pole is very convenient for practicing extreme stunt elements by professionals, and beginners with the help of the Chinese pylon will be able to quickly learn basic exercises and concentrate on working out the correct technique.
  • To provide a larger grip area, Chinese poles have a larger diameter than traditional designs. Most often it is 50 mm or more, but solutions with a diameter of 43 mm can also be found.
  • Poles can have various heights (up to 10 meters), which allows them to be used by experienced dancers for pairing numbers or to practice techniques for performing basic elements at heights. Thanks to the Chinese pole, the dancer opens up a huge number of opportunities for practicing the most difficult tricks: unpredictable cliffs, visas, power elements, and spectacular transitions. Such an attribute will allow you to fully reveal the potential of the dancer during the performance, which requires perfect fixation of the arms and legs.

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