Pole for a home. Chrome Poles or Stainless Steel Pole


If you are seriously engaged in pole dancing, sooner or later there comes a time when there are few training sessions at school or studio. And so you decided to get a home pylon. In this article, we will help you figure out which pole is suitable for a home.

You decided to buy a pole home. Great idea! Now it will be possible to train more often and longer. Dream! But let’s see what conditions will help you in its implementation? And how to choose a pole that does not turn into a piece of furniture in a couple of weeks of home training? To begin with, it is worth answering the questions:
Why do you need it?
Is this a momentary impulse?

It’s hard enough to force yourself to exercise regularly. Often this is the case: you buy a pole, practice for about a month daily, and then … it stands and only entertains friends when they come to visit … Well, of course, the main assistant is your willpower! There is such a thing! Without it, Pole Dance, like any other sport, is unthinkable! The main thing is not to give up! After all, with all the desire “on a crooked mare” you won’t come to the finish line, not only the first but in general! And here the question arises of choosing a pole. The very one who will be called upon daily to help achieve the goal, to test your, possibly still weak willpower. And do not make a mistake in choosing a pylon – this is 50% of the success of your training!

Choose a pole according to the mounting method

  • The stationary pole is the most popular pole model. This pylon is made exactly to the height of the ceiling, the pylon mount is fixed with anchor bolts to the ceiling and floor. The advantage of this pylon is that it is securely fixed, and the probability of its fall is almost zero. The disadvantage of this model of pylons is the lack of mobility. The pole dance pole is fixed once and for all in a certain place and cannot be removed and rearranged.
  • Removable pole
    This model of a pole is also convenient for dance schools, since a hall with such pole can be used for other classes and for an apartment, because the pylon pipe can be easily removed and put into the pantry, so that a child doesn’t crash into it or guests who come in do not ask questions. Another advantage of this pole dance pole is its relatively inexpensive price. The main drawback of this model, as well as the previous one, is that it cannot be put somewhere else.
  • The spacer post pole is a more mobile version of the pylon for dancing. This pylon is installed on the principle of a rod in the bathroom, only between the ceiling floor. Thanks to a special system, the pylon is twisted and secured, while the floor and ceiling remain unharmed. Such a pole can be installed in any place where the ceiling height is the same. This is a more convenient version of the pylon, compared with the previous two.

However, it also has disadvantages:

-such a pole is installed at a height of not more than 3.30 m; installation with a higher ceiling is unsafe.

-the cost of this pole dance pole model is higher than the previous

-The pole has clearance for installation of +/- 8 cm, but if the difference in ceiling height is greater, then it will not work to put it in a new place.

  • The prefabricated pipe pole was the solution to this problem. The pole consists of several parts, for example, the main part of 1.5 m is accompanied by several additional pole-sport parts of different lengths. Different combinations of pylon pipes make it possible to install in the range of ceiling heights from 2.6 to 3.3 m. Such a pole can be taken with you to the cottage and on vacation because short pipes are more convenient to transport and forward. The only drawback is the presence of joints on the pipe, however, they are usually made with high quality and do not cause discomfort.

Regarding the Various Dance Pole Materials & Finishes

The sorts of different materials offered are:

  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Titanium Gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Silicone
  • Powder-coated

Each surface has its own pros and cons, but the climate is likewise an essential factor to take into consideration. Some products are much more suitable for warm or moist climates than others. As an example, brass does well in hot nations, and chrome is a safe bet if you have a warm or changeable climate (for instance, the United Kingdom).

Where you live will certainly be a factor in choosing which product is best for you, yet likewise, your workout and also the dancing design will be necessary as well.


Chrome dance poles

Chrome dance poles are extremely typical as they are the least expensive material. This is really a complete product for the pole dance. You will find chrome poles in dance studios, clubs and in homes around the world – this is the most economical option for choosing a free-standing pole.
Good to use in any weather and climate.

Very easy to tidy as well as keep.

❌  Over time, the chrome finish will become worn. In extreme cases, this can break off, leaving the contact surface area sharp to the touch. However, this is unusual for those who constantly use their posts in the house.

❌ If you are allergic to chrome or nickel, you may have negative reviews about poles made from this material.

❌ Chrome can become rusty if not taken care of.

Brass Dance Poles.

Brass is the highest quality metal for pole dance. Usually, they are used in places with a warmer environment. A brass pole is also known as less slippery than chrome, which makes brass a great option for beginners, although they are a bit more expensive.

The brass pole has an excellent finish and holds better.

They are also great for use in the heat.

Unlike chrome, the brass pole does not rust, since brass is an anti-corrosion material.

 Suitable for people allergic to metals.

❌ Brass is fairly mild steel, so a brass pole has a greater risk of damage than chrome or stainless steel.

❌ Expect to pay a higher price for a brass dance pole

❌ Copper can also be quite slippery in wet weather.

Titanium Gold Dance Poles

Titanium Gold Dance Poles also use a premium. They are much less common, although those using Titanium Gold Poles swear they’re the best! The gold finish is added by the machine over a regular chrome pole, so they are much more expensive.

Titanium gold poles have significantly exceptional power.

Titanium is not as mirror-like as chrome, therefore not as slippery

❌ Gold finish may wear off over time.

❌ The color of the pole will also change over time as the titanium coating wears out.

❌ Much more expensive than chrome or brass finish.

❌ Freestanding poles are not available in Titanium Gold.

Stainless Steel Dance Poles.

Stainless steel is additional material for a dance pole. Freestanding dance poles made from stainless steel are very durable and have a refined surface.

Stainless steel withstands well in humid climates.

If you find excessive sweating, then stainless steel is for you!

If you are allergic to metal, then stainless steel is unlikely to give you an answer.

Stainless steel is rust-resistant.

❌ This is an extremely durable product, but it is clearly more expensive.
Expect you to pay a little more for a steel free-standing pole than for a chrome pole.

❌ Stainless steel may become scratched and may need polishing.


Silicone-Coated Dance Poles.

Silicone-coated dance poles differ every one of the other products discussed until now. The pole itself is made of steel but it is coated with clinical quality silicone. You will have the ability to utilize this pole fully clothed and also still have the ability to grasp because it’s not a slippery metal surface area. These poles were developed to work like a Chinese Pole, which is usually done with long pants and sleeves.

A unique surface to use for pole dancing.

  With a silicone-coated pole, you will certainly be able to grip even if you’re fully-clothed.

Available in an option of black or pink.

Suitable if you have metal allergic reactions.

You can additionally obtain silicone sleeves to fit over your existing dance pole.

❌ Not ideal if you have an allergy to silicone.

❌ More costly than various other free-standing poles on the marketplace.

❌ Can not execute rotates on ‘fixed’ mode, as a result of its stickiness.

Powder-Coated Dance Poles.

Powder-coated dancing poles are the newest type of finish you’ll locate in the industry. They were developed to be ultra-sticky for post dancers who really have a problem with grasping all different types of steel poles. Regardless of being powder-coated, they really have an extremely smooth texture.

A brand-new and unique surface area to use on a dancing pole.

Extremely simple to hold utilizing your hands as well as skin

Available in a selection of shades: black or pink

❌ Not appropriate if you have a steel allergy

❌ More expensive than other kinds of post

❌ Only offered in 45mm

The choice of material and pole surface is very individual. How many people – so many features and sensations. Ideally, you need to pre-test different options for pylons before choosing the perfect surface for yourself. Also, the behavior of material often depends on the temperature and weather conditions around. In a humid damp atmosphere, even a brass pole becomes slippery and a stainless steel pole performs better. If you have very dry skin and sweat does not stand out at all, you will slip off even from the brass pole and you will need extra facilities. If you sweat very much, you will get too much stickiness with a copper and powder-coated pole. So that’s all ambiguous. There is a large selection of options for materials and surfaces of the poles, and the choice is yours!

Productive workouts!

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