Guy pole dancing – beauty and masculinity


“We won when women started doing pole fitness”

Great men

But who would have thought that sooner or later the male half of humanity will also begin to climb up the metal pipe? And this is by no means a fire brigade. Today, the male pole is gaining momentum with incredible speed.

Everything new, as you know, is a well-forgotten old. Its origins are very deep and flow from the practices of Indian monks who meditated on a wooden, long, long pillar as early as the 12th century. Either everyone’s ancestors are common, or you always want to adopt the best from ancestors, gradually Western civilization transformed meditations into a circus performance, where men showed incredible muscle strength, flexibility and dexterity (you can still see the number on the pylon in the Du Soleil circus). Pole sport came as an alternative to gymnastics and acrobatics without shells. It happened just a few years ago. It is difficult to say how many, but certainly less than ten.

The male pole dance, today basically looks like an acrobatic strength training, includes complex tricks, stances, spins, elements of dance and ligaments, which are performed both in regular trousers or jeans and in short shorts. Men are barefoot and bare-chested. At the same time, the torso, like the arms, becomes very attractive in appearance much faster than in women (their physiology, you know!). Well, without a good stretch, a flexible back and stretched toes, too, can not do.

Many people believe that pole dance is a female sport. However, this is absolutely not the case. Fans of pole dance are also among men, though there are not so many of them (yet) as among women.
Men in this sport are easier on the one hand – they are stronger and more durable, which means they can perform more complex tricks, but on the other hand, usually they are less flexible. Although men have softer muscle tissue, try to sit on transverse splits (legs apart, torture on the floor), I’m sure many succeeded, and the rest had very little. For example, I have been stretching across the twine for more than half a year and over the past 2 months I have not observed any dynamics at all, and I’m still far from the floor.


  • The first is stretching. If classes in the gym are aimed at building muscle, then pole dance classes are aimed at stretching all the groups of necessary muscles.
  • The second is power. During pole dance training, all muscle groups work. A variety of pole dance elements, which is not very comparable with any other type of dance and sport, includes a load on almost all your muscles, increasing the overall tone of the body.
  • The third is endurance. One 5-6 minute dance performance on the pole requires a greater degree of preparation of the breather and endurance in general. During the dance for one song, such an amount of energy is consumed than an untrained dancer is unlikely to stand on his feet. The complexity of the performance in pole dance is determined not only by the complexity of the elements included in the dance but also by its general line. For clarity, just imagine how much you could sag on the crossbar without touching the floor? And while doing the tricks?

Pole dance classes will give anyone plasticity, a sense of rhythm, and the ability to move. Men after training and after learning to perform the most difficult tricks gain self-confidence, a positive outlook on the world and a sense of positive! And if your woman is training with you, then you can stage a duet dance together! It looks very pretty!
Men also use the Chinese pylon, this pylon is non-slip, and on the contrary, you need to cover your skin, train with gloves on.

How are the male pole dancing classes

For training, you will need comfortable clothes – a T-shirt, shorts and socks (you can do barefoot if you wish). It doesn’t matter if your coach will be a man or a woman – you need to listen carefully and repeat exactly all the sporting elements. Teachers are responsible for the competent construction of the learning process – they will patiently explain and show until you reach the desired element on the pylon. You will also learn choreographic connectives that will come in handy for creating a spectacular and entertaining performance.

From the side, it only seems that pole dancing is a simple and easy task. Pole Man requires a serious approach – first, you will study the standard bundles of elements. When the general muscle tone increases and the strength of the muscles of the lower and upper body allow you to perform more serious tricks, you will learn how to perform various combinations. The men pole dance will look elegant and spectacular at the same time. To achieve this result, it may take several months.

Pole Man is a hobby that will improve your life. Find harmony – dance how you feel and enjoy it.

Turn pole dancing into exercise


Like CrossFit, pole dancing exercises are a great way to get rid of excess fat and build muscle. It can also be a great option for people who do not want to explore or try to lift weights and be torn.
The effects and benefits for the body in dancing on a pylon are comparable to the effect of lifting several weights, but progress in achieving the goal of a ripped physique is much faster.
Pole Man is not just dancing lessons on a pole for men, it is an opportunity to pump those muscle groups that you can’t use on the horizontal bar or in the gym.
Many guys report that their press is set up faster than usual than in the gym. This is proven if you regularly practice your complex pole dance moves. Of course, you can also get all this if you practice movement on a regular basis.

Thus, pole dancing is a sport that can interest both sexes, because it is bright, multi-faceted, complex. It allows you to create and invent something new and never stands still. If you have not yet joined life in the rhythm of pole-dance, then it’s time to do it!

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