How to avoid wrist pain? Best gymnastics wrist support


How to avoid wrist pain?

Many pole dancers complain of wrist pain during or after exercise. Beginners have sore wrists after tricks such as a wide grip, a stand on the floor, and the Chinese flag. Continuing pole dancers can feel discomfort in the wrists after the fonji fails or intensive training with a focus on the hands.
Both the origin of the pain in the wrists is related in kind: pressure on an unprepared hand, in which the flexor muscles of the fingers are stretched with a simultaneous powerful force load on the wrist joint.
Bruises of the hands are very painful because the capsule of the carpal joint is practically not protected by muscles.
With bruises often appear swelling, internal inflammation and various swelling, dislocation. Of course, modern medicine can cure almost any injury, but it is better not to allow their appearance.
List of preventive measures for hands:
1. Аrticular warm-up before class
2. Special exercises for warming up and strengthening the fingers before practicing the racks.
3. Wrist Trainers
4. Using gymnastics wrist support rests

Аrticular warm-ups before class

In addition to standard exercises in the joint warm-up “palm towards you”, “palm from yourself”, it makes sense to flex your fingers separately. Add clenching and unclenching the fist, revealing the palm as much as possible. Rotate each finger individually clockwise and counterclockwise. This will improve fine motor skills, prepare your fingers for work with the pole.

Special exercises for warming up your fingers before practicing racks.

Before learning to stand on your hands so that there are no brush injuries, you need to prepare your fingers. If you ever watched how someone stand on hands, you probably noticed that on hands the fingertips of the athlete turn white. This is because the athlete regulates the balance and is wrung out precisely with your fingertips.

  • Drop on the wall with shock absorption. Stand a step away from the wall. With a straight back, put your fingers forward and fall “like a plaque” on a vertical surface. Fingers need to cushion the drop, straining out, slightly “spring”
  • Hanging on the horizontal bar. Hang on the horizontal bar for as long as you can
  • Finger pushups. You can do push-ups from your knees if it’s difficult. The main thing is to rely only on the fingers, and on the entire surface of the palm.

Exercise machines for wrists.

Exercise machines for the wrists and forearm muscles are very different. The most common are expanders. My favorite simulator for the hand, after 2-3 minutes with which I can already feel the work of the finger flexors – gyroscopic simulator – Powerball. On more expensive models, there is a screen (you can compete with friends or yourself) to what speed the ball spins, how many revolutions it does. Many students perceive it as a toy. Models without a screen are interesting to twist too.

Using gymnastics wrist support rests

In the classes of parter acrobatics and gymnastics, trainers give beginners wrist rests and require the first months to perform exercises only in them. Over time, the wrist lock can be loosened, but at first, it’s better to work in tight winding mode. Tightly wind up, do the exercise for 2-3 minutes, remove, allow blood flow to return to normal, repeat.

The wrist support or cuffs are of different stiffness, with an elastic band that attracts the thumb to the joint and without it. They should not be confused with ordinary wristbands, which do not fix anything and are more used to wipe sweat from the forehead.

When practicing power tricks and handstand, elastic clamps of medium hardness with a rubber band under the thumb are best suited. At the time of reliance on the hand, the gum will attract the thumb to the wrist joint, thereby fulfilling the role of the protector of the hand.

If you have pains in your hands, you decided to pause for strength training and left only stretching, or if you want to do preventive maintenance of your hands without loading the hands with all the weight, then soft gymnastics wrist brace without an elastic band will be an ideal choice.

With noticeable pain in the hands after practicing the pole, orthopedic bandages with a thick elastic band, which attract and clearly fix the thumb to the wrist joint, are best suited for fixing the hand and speedy healing of tissues. Such wrist support is not worn for training, since it is difficult to move your hand in them, and your hand will slide on the pylon, even if you can do something on it. These are hard clamps for a speedy recovery of the hand.

Top 5 gymnastics wrist support

1. Mava Ultimate Workout Gloves

This all-around workout glove covers your entire palm as well as fifty percent of your fingers’ size to shield your hands from holes as well as callouses. It has a breathable natural leather padding, flexible wrist covers, as well as silicone-padded palms for added grasp. It’s additionally available in different shades.

Gloves give excellent grip and wrist assistance, and also they’re really comfortable to use. The price is right for its top quality. It conveniently wears after a few months of use. Although it’s available in various dimensions, there have been concerns that the sizes do not fit them well.

2. WristWidget Adjustable Wrist Support

The WristWidget is clinically-tested to relieve usual wrist pains felt when clutching, lifting, revolving, and also prolonging. The WristeWidget is suggested by therapists as well as doctors for its ability to increase wrist toughness as well as aid in recovery wrist-related injuries like TFCC tears. It is made of breathable products and also includes a one-size-fits-most layout, thanks to its Velcro bands.

It’s comfortable to wear and also it really assists recover wrist injuries. Users had no trouble fitting the product because of its Velcro bands. It’s quite costly for its features, with some saying its results are only a trick. Females that have smaller sized wrist girth also had problems suitable this item.

3. Bear Grips Extra Strength Wrist Wraps

This wrist support maintains your wrists at optimal angles, preventing them from hyperextending. With this, you can perform extra representatives as well as raise more weight during your training. It features 4 assistance bands to totally cover your wrists. It’s offered in white & black and gray & black color combination.

It is extremely flexible that it can be used in WODs, weight lifting, go across training, and other gym activities aside from gymnastics. It can be cumbersome to use for some athletes. Given that the item covers a broad part of your wrists, it can absorb a lot of sweat, creating it to have an odor after several usages.

4. Tiger Paw Wrist Support

It’s designed to stop hyperextension of your wrists which is the typical reason for sprains, CTS, and also muscular tissue pressures. Its foam, as well as plastic inserts, allow you to adjust the level of stiffness as well as comfort the product provides. The tan-colored variation of the item is approved in a lot of gymnastic occasions.

There are dimensions readily available also for children. Its inconspicuous style and also capability to lower wrist injuries make it a highly recommended accessory for gymnasts. Expensive for its features.

5. JunoSports Adjustable Athletic Wrist Brace Support.

The light compression it provides helps shield and also stabilize your wrists during and after training. The product is made of neoprene which is the very best material to utilize in keeping your wrists in their optimal position.

It offers great wrist support as well as is cost practical rates. It also includes a global dimension, suitable for both males and females users. The thumb holes are fairly small. They’re additionally not indicated for hefty usage given that they’re not that resilient.

Final thought.

These items supply different functions yet they’re all constructed for the function of offering wrist assistance. If you’re simply doing easy work and are on a spending plan, the JunoSports Brace is good enough for you.

For moderate activities, the products from Bear Grips and also Mava is your ideal alternatives given that they provide the best equilibrium between features as well as worth. If you’re a completing gymnast, the Tiger Paw Wrist Support is the very best choice amongst these items. Finally, medical professionals suggest the WristWidget to those with wrist injuries because the product has actually been verified to assist relieve wrist injuries.

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