The element called Russian Split is one of the most famous pylon tricks in the world and perhaps one of the most beautiful splits. Russian Split is an extremely complex element, which can be performed only by virtuosos of dance acrobatics.


The Russian splits are not named in vain, because in 2008-2009 it began to appear on the competition by Russian pole dancers. At first, the trick was performed only from the floor, but in 2009 it was “raised” on the pylon, and now it is included in the stunt program of many pole dance artists.


Important to note

The element is quite complex because you need to have not only a good stretch but also strong arms to keep your body in a horizontal position and then pull yourself back to the pylon. Moreover, you need to make sure that the supporting leg does not slip, because the main support goes to the foot, and there is nothing to insure yourself in case of something. But do not worry, in the hands of an experienced coach, you can not be afraid and in a short time to master this beautiful and fascinating element.

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