The Health Benefits of Pole Dancing for Exercise and Fitness


There are different types of dances that win the hearts of millions of women. All techniques require more exposure and a sense of rhythm. However, the most beautiful, feminine and complex is the pole dance. About 5 years ago, he was compared with a striptease. But today, people began to relate to the pole dance. The hostility disappeared, instead of which came the admiration and understanding of how difficult it is to learn dance in zero gravity, having as support only a thin metal pipe. Graceful movements, fiery plastic, and crazy energy – these are the things that can be described as pole dance.

When people fink out about health and fitness and also the wellness advantages of various forms of exercise, they hardly ever think about pole dancing as a viable option. Similar to some prominent Latino dances like tango, which started in questionable back alleys of poor areas just to later acquire appeal across the globe, pole dance has promptly ended up being an incredibly popular type of workout and also a competitive event.

Not only is it a great method to welcome your internal sexiness, but it additionally has many health and wellness benefits that shouldn’t be neglected. If you intend to learn more about the benefits of pole dancing as well as how it can boost the quality of your life, just continued reading.

Pole exercise – is a full-fledged sport, in which competitions and championships of countries and the world are held. In fact, one of the types of dance gymnastics, such as aerobics, rhythm, acrobatic rock and roll, funk and others, the only difference is that the dance movements and tricks to the music are performed not on the floor, but on the pole and in the air. By the way, the man on the pole is also a frequent phenomenon – the male pole dance is distinguished by its emphasis on acrobatics and the power side of tricks, contains many elements of workout and parkour, and rhythmic sounds (drum roll, noise of nature, mechanical devices, etc.) are often used instead of music. Pole dance performed by men is often called pole acrobatics and championships are also held on it – see photos and videos of how beautiful this sport is.

Fast calorie burning


One of the benefits that distinguish pole training from fitness training is its high efficiency in fast weight loss. The result will begin to appear after 6 classes – one training on the pylon for beginners burns 1000 calories, and for those who continue to practice, with good physical fitness – up to 1400 calories, especially if you combine pole dance with other workouts – Pilates, Nordic walking or regular aerobics.

It is recommended that beginners dance lessons on a pylon for beginners 2-3 times a week for the first month, and then, when experience comes, physical endurance, and hence muscle strength, increases, it is advisable to train every other day, alternating the pole with walking or jogging. This scheme allows you to normalize the weight within 3-4 weeks, tighten the figure and then improve in the skill of pole dance for health and beauty.

Beautiful fit body


A nice bonus and an obvious plus of pole dance classes will be a slender and toned body, with carefully designed muscles and without a hint of cellulite. When performing various pole tricks, one way or another, the main muscle groups are involved, and sometimes even those that you didn’t even know existed before.
A huge amount of exercises and movements related to pole fitness means that you will quickly notice that your muscles become more toned from head to toe.

This is an absolutely fantastic workout for your abs, arms, legs, shoulders – everything!

Develop sensuality and increase self-esteem


Good pole dance for weight loss, but not only. Acquiring seductive forms, a woman automatically gains self-confidence. And this is a good way to increase self-esteem, develop sensuality and break a few male hearts. To be sure is not only your thoughts – in fact, you will begin to walk with your head held high, and also improve your posture. Your skills on a pole will certainly be equated with real life, and you will also have the opportunity to move with the agility and grace of a cat.




Discover the many health benefits that many Polers enjoy.

The pole fitness has many health and well-being benefits. There are many success stories when people overcame serious health problems, as well as injuries with a little help after fitness.
With regular pole exercises, you can significantly improve your health.

  • Increased blood flow. First of all, such training is an excellent cardio load that gives health to your heart and enriches the blood, and as a result, all tissues and organs with oxygen.

This set is very important, especially if you work all day at the desktop.
If you spend a lot of time sitting, you can create insufficient blood circulation, which means that your vital body organs will not receive all the nutrients necessary for effective work.

Your legs, feet, arms, and hands will also not have enough blood, which can create a lot of problems, and some of them can be very serious or possibly harmful.

Although, say goodbye, because after physical preparation on a pole this is a fantastic exercise to improve blood flow, which usually indicates that it adds a healthy and balanced heart and brain!

  • Training on the pole – excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. As you know, osteochondrosis is a company disease of all office workers who are forced to sit for 8 hours behind a computer monitor. The spine will also be grateful for a reliable muscle corset, which is formed as a result of training.
  • Reduced joint pain. Joint pain is something that many people will certainly experience in older adults. The state of health and fitness, of course, will help strengthen muscle mass, while increasing flexibility and mobility, which significantly reduces the likelihood of problems with the joints.It’s much better to understand what you usually create pole fitness, which minimizes the risk of repetitive injuries.When you become more dexterous, you will also have fewer problems with problems such as stiffness of the neck, back pain, and other underlying pains in muscle tissue.
  • Increased stamina. How is your stamina? Are you a person who can run for miles or someone who gives up when he starts to get a little sick?Professional pole dancers can often make things look really simple, but some of them are really very complex.No matter how pleasant they can be, the movements you make actually use every muscle mass heavily. Therefore, it will help you increase strength and stamina.

    If training seems like a chore, and you really don’t see any serious progress or acquire any skills that are applicable in real life, then you will quickly lose motivation. Pylon dance develops a strong body, increases stamina and makes you feel sexy. As your skills improve, you will be motivated to work harder, and working at home is incredibly simple – all you need is a pole and some free space.

    Will you constantly strive to achieve your fitness goals? it is addictive, which is why the nail of your next health and fitness method with a pole constantly increases your stamina and also increases stamina forward and up!

  • In addition to the body, it is worth thinking about the soul, namely, how training affects the psychological state. Life in the metropolis is generously spiced up with stress, but, the amazing thing is, pole dance classes put your nerves in order. Doctors say that endorphins, hormones responsible for joy, are to blame. During physical activity, they begin to be actively produced by our body. Doctors know better, we know that no matter how gloomy our Freelady starts training, they finish it with a wide and sincere smile. Oh yes, and this is another plus in the treasury of pole dance classes!

Another plus can be considered that improving your body is quite real without monotonous and frankly boring exercises in the gym. After all, the field of dance training is always dynamic and diverse.

For beginners without outstanding physical preparation, an undoubted advantage will be that in pole dance there are no restrictions on this criterion. There are also no restrictions on weight, age or degree of flexibility. Absolutely everyone has chances to achieve good results and be proud of themselves!

Basic information

There are two types of pylons: static (fixed) and moving – rotating. For beginners, until the basic acrobatic exercises are mastered, you can only do this on a static apparatus.

The pole is conditionally divided into three levels, each of which has its own purpose. The lower part is designed to train pole exercise for plasticity, stretch marks, the middle of the pole is used for turns and the upper – for performing acrobatic tricks.

The pole of the dance is divided into three varieties:

  • Exotic is the most “dance” variety. The number of choreographic movements is about 70%, power – 30%, of which a third is performed on the floor (in the stalls). There is no undressing in an exotic sexual dance – this is the difference between this and striptease.
  • Art is the most harmonious direction, where the number of dance and power tricks is 50×50%. It is often called classical pylon dance.
  • Sports / Fitness – is the direction of the most difficult sports in which 70% of tricks are power elements. Most often, this species is engaged in men.

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