Top 15 sexy bras for practicing Pole dance with a beautiful back


For successful and productive pole dance workouts, it is essential to choose clothing carefully. It should provide comfort, good mood, not be constrained in movements, and should also be made of high-quality, durable fabrics. Let us dwell on the criteria in more detail.


Clothing for pole dance should be as open as possible. That’s why for training you need separate sets (top and shorts for pole sport and pole art; top and leggings for exotic dance). Without an open waist, it is difficult for athletes to perform elements on the upper and middle parts of the pylon. Bra for the pole should open the armpits and neck. As for the chest, it should be as closed as possible to reduce gliding and minimize injuries. It is important that the sports bra supports the chest well because it performs vibratory movements by performing dynamic elements – coups, flyby, fonji. Bra for pole dance should fix, but not cause discomfort, because the skin ages from friction.


There are more different requirements for clothes for pole dancing than, for example, for a suit for fitness or running. High-quality fabrics are used – dense biflexes and elastic nets. All tissues should be hypoallergenic, breathe and absorb moisture. Even if you sweat actively during training, you should always feel comfortable. Microfiber and special additives allow you to not wash the suit after each workout and ensure the preservation of colors and brightness after washing.

Despite sports tricks and calories burned pole dance is a feminine trend. That is why the training suit should be pleasing to the eye and add positive emotions. Let’s not forget about the roots and the sexiest direction – Exotic dance. Therefore, our review of the best sexy sports bras.

Sports bras have recently been considered very non-sexual. But now they come in many different shades and styles – you can find the lace version, rhinestones, cutouts, and nets, or sultry belts. So, to be honest, it just makes sense that these cute sports bras should function like incredibly hot bras. Stock up on some of the sexiest options on the market now.

YIANNA Cross Back Strappy Yoga Bra

If you want to surprise your other polers in the next lesson, use something like this exceptional top.                                                                                                 An ideal bra for yoga, exercise, physical fitness, any kind of training or daily use. Unique design: Criss-cross back straps make it easy to twist, Sexy Crossback style uses an extra back support, stylish and elegant, also ideal for pants with an open back
Rise & Padded with removable paddings for easy adjustment, in cotton-like material, soft and comfortable to use





Queenie Ke Yoga Sports Bra

Criss-crossing backs are always a staple for a pole dancers wardrobe, so why not have 8 straps instead of 2?!







BeautyVan Backless Crop Top

This style is extraordinary for a sports bra, have you seen one like this before?!






SweatyRocks Sports Lingerie Top

Fabric is stretchy, soft, thin. this is the only sports bra on the list with detail on the front, not the back! Great to wear as sleepwear, loungewear, and activewear, and of course as a sexy sports bra for Pole dance.







CharmLeaks Workout Wirefree CrossBack Padded Sports Bra

A variety of colors for every taste, soft lining and flat seams for your comfort








SYROKAN High Impact Sports Bra Top

Perhaps the most unusual design presented here. You will be different from your girlfriends’ pole dancers.








EVALESS Sports Bra Top

Do not wash this sports bra in the washing machine and do not bleach. The bra has a variety of bright colors that it can harm








icyZone Sexy Strappy Sports Bra

How beautiful you will look on a pylon with such an elegant back! and what photos will turn out! ..








Zenana Women’s Juniors Strappy Back Sports Bra

low impact sports bra, ideal for a-c cup sizes. removable padding with a strappy back design. The soft breathable fabric feels great whether worn alone or layered under tops.








Ekouaer CrossBack Wirefree Removable Cup Sports Bra

light support, push up and plunge effect; wide elastic understand and strap, help to hold chest shape and shape the body;strappy cross back let you twist with ease and easy slip in;removable cups add shape and give coverage;moisture-wicking mesh lining is cool to wear and flat seam for chafe-resistance and comfort, sexy while comfy







CamPeak Professional Sport Bra

Professional sports bra – shockproof and comfortable, holds the shape of the chest, shapes the body, reduces friction, absorbs moisture. And also very beautiful and sexy.








MotoRun Womens Push-up Padded 

High-quality fabric, cool to the touch and snug like a second skin – this technical fabric provides support and smooth performance with a low coefficient of friction. The fabric is designed to perfectly contour your body, giving you a streamlined look.








MIXMAX Strappy Tank Top With Bustier Cutout

An indispensable item in your wardrobe for fitness and pole dance. You will have the most seductive back








Camellias Sports Bra – Criss Cross Back Bra

Ideal for training. The back design prevents the bra from slipping. Wide lower strip for added support. large selection of colors








YIANNA Women’s Padded Sports Bra

Unique design: Criss Cross back straps make it easy to twist, Sexy Crossback design offers additional back support, fashionable and stylish.

In my opinion, the most beautiful of the presented







We showed 15 of the most beautiful sports bras for pole dancing. Beautiful clothes cheer you up and motivate your training.

Features and Benefits

The peculiarity of sports bras is covered in synthetic fabric made using the latest technology. This material is particularly dense and at the same time elastic. The models are complemented by flexible bones-frames, so necessary for a magnificent breast.

What does a sports bra look like and how do you recognize it from a great many models? The bra for sports looks like a cropped top on wide straps. The correct model has a closed neckline. The model may or may not contain bones hidden under the external tissue.

The appearance and material of a sports sconce miraculously affect the chest, however, some still doubt its necessity. To argue the importance of a bra, we start with the reasons for sagging breasts in the gym. The fact is that the female breast does not have muscles, which means that any of its movements invariably leads to damage to delicate skin, stretch marks. And now let’s remember the movement of the chest when running, step aerobics or gymnastics. Each jump is a micro-stretch, which over time becomes more noticeable. To physical activity took place without consequences for the chest, sportswear was invented. It brings the chest into a stationary state, even if the athlete has several hours of running.

There are other pluses in the sports bra:

  • convenience;
  • the woman’s focus on classes, and not on shoulder straps falling from the shoulders;
  • good sweat absorption;
  • quick-drying;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • the skin “breathes”;
  • variety of designs;
  • presentable appearance.

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