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Best Brand Poles & Exist Less expensive Choices?

This is a big one for most pole dancers due to the fact that the effective trademark name dance pole is EXTREMELY pricey and with all the other less expensive pole on eBay and, it makes you start to question if those will function, specifically if you are on a budge.
When we discuss pole dancing most likely the first thing you will consider is a good pole, specifically if you are doing post-physical fitness at home. So what distinguishes a great pole from the rest? Quality, brand, feature, portability, stability, longevity and also price? It’s probably a combination of all of those variables.
Nevertheless, not all post dancers have this much cash to invest in a stripper pole. Those who aren’t experts whose objective is to delight in as well as experience the benefits of the exercise are searching for less costly options.

Brand dance poles

This category includes expensive poles of a well-known brand. As a rule, the poles are completely removable, rather heavy (up to 20 kilograms), made neatly of quality materials.

Their main drawback is the unreasonably high price.

The lion’s share of their value is the margin of the reseller, plus the originally included costs for wide advertising. At the same time, buying a “branded” pole with one’s hand is risky: the market is replete with poor-quality fakes.

The purely technical disadvantages of these poles include two points:

  • The pole is not all-metal, chrome plated. This means that over time, scratches and chips can appear on the mirror surface, which cannot be eliminated on their own.
  • A fully removable pole is potentially unreliable. Unfortunately, despite all the assurances of the manufacturers, comical videos of falls during the dance appear from time to time on the Internet.

Chinese lightweight poles

A characteristic feature of such a pole is a very small weight (5–7 kg). The explanation is simple: a thin-walled pipe and plastic spacers. Pylons of this design are significantly cheaper than “branded” ones due to the material but are absolutely not suitable for intensive training. Plastic thread is not designed for real loads.

The problem lies in a common misconception. These poles are really not a “fake” (there are quite famous and popular brands of this type), but they are not intended for serious pole dance classes, nor for intensive use. Manufacturers initially distributed these products through sex shops as a subject of the entourage, a piece of stylized game equipment. There are well-known branded dance poles (for example, the professional Carmen Electra pole or Spencer’s rotating pole) that create “party poles” that are unsafe for pylon fitness, where inverted pylon dance movements are involved.

With the help of a “lightweight” pole, you can pose, simulate a striptease, you can even hang on it, but for rotations and power elements of the dance, it is not intended even in theory. For a real strip dancer, it’s like a toy car in an amusement park: you can sit and ride in a circle, but it makes no sense to compare with an “adult” car.

Be careful not to confuse the game pole with a professional one.

In this review, we will talk about pylons worth $ 100, for those who do not have a goal to engage professionally and intensively.

Top 7 Cheap Dance Poles

Product Name


Ridgeyard 45mm Chrome stripper Pole

 Owners attest to the pole stamina as well as they also explain it as having quality on the same level with those of more costly brand names./ The only adverse element concerning this dancing pole is the poorly written manual included in the package.
The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
Fits between 7’4′ and 9′
125mm and 250mm pole extensions included in the package
Maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
Chrome finish

go2buy Professional Fitness Pole

сheap-dance-poles Several users are stunned by the strength and also stability of the pole, considering its rate. It’s steady sufficient to endure any type of pole dance move you toss at it./
The only disadvantage of this item is its brand name. Go2buy is more of a residence furnishings maker rather than a professional in the dance pole sector, so purchasers shouldn’t anticipate much from the item.
Two-piece pole measuring 45mm in diameter
Fits between 7.7ft up to 9ft of ceiling height
125mm and 193mm pole extensions included in the package
Maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
Traditional Chrome finish
For its price, the pole is of high quality and also has features comparable to those given by more pricey stripper poles./The plan includes an instructional DVD although it’s not that useful given that the instructions aren’t clear. It’s better to look for tutorials on YouTube to guide you during setting up.

X-Dance’ 45mm Professional Exotic Dancing Pole


The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
Fits between 7ft up to 9ft of ceiling height
Pole extensions included in the package
Maximum weight capacity of approximately 200lbs
Chrome finish

Xperience 45mm Portable Dance Pole Kit

This portable stripper pole is constructed from top-quality materials and attributes both rotating and static modes in one pole. For its price, it’s a good buy for novices./Nonetheless, some owners have actually reported obtaining a loose pole whenever they use its spinning setting. It also might not be as sturdy as advertised, with some reporting obtaining a curved pole just after a few uses.
The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
Fits between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
125mm and 250mm pole extensions are included in the package
Installation DVD included
Chrome finish

AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit

 Regardless of its low cost, several owners have provided this item fairly a variety of favorable reviews concerning its toughness and also stability to hold up against hefty usage. However, there are additionally a variety of owners that have gotten sets with missing out on parts, some had difficulty in its assembly, and some also obtained the post bent after a couple of uses.
The two-piece pole that measures 45mm in diameter
Fits between 7ft and 9ft of ceiling height
125mm and 250mm pole extensions are included in the package
Installation DVD included
Maximum load of 440lbs
Chrome finish

MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole, 9.3-Feet

 Users note that the pylon is worth the money. It is quite durable and easy to install./ The only drawback is the lack of a carrying bag
Extendable from 7.4ft to 9.3ft straight from the box.
Screw together tube high precision joints(almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability, and smoothness.
Easy to use height adjuster with cover.
Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors.
Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling.
Angular stability lock helps stabilization your Pole.

Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole with Attachable LED Dance Light and Carry Bag

all tools are included, so you do not need anything extra to install/You can’t beat this pole for the price and you get great customer service.
Professional quality 50 mm diameter chrome dance pole, carry bag and LED light.
Fits ceiling heights ranging from 7 feet 6 inches to 9 feet (2.2 m-2.7 m.)
No additional tools or ladder needed to assemble or take-down.
Supports weights up to 250 pounds (113 kg.)
We offer free tech support and a 90-day warranty direct with us!

Tips for choosing the right cheap stripper pole for you

When choosing a budget pole, the weight of the user, the thickness of the pole housing, the strength of plastic parts (which should be avoided most of the time), if any, and the purpose of their acquisition should be taken into account. You should also consider how often you will use it because it will take into account whether you should buy a permanent or removable pole that offers rotating and static options.


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